Hello everyone,

Sorry for not keeping you guys up to date with the bugs fixed etc. Down below is a list that is already on the server and maybe 1 or 2 things that will happen next reboot.

- Fixed message at the blacksmith for being OP, while you're not
- Fixed Notre Dame giving an error on switching governments
- Fixed Notre Dame setting government back to tribalism
- Fixed Strategic Outposts having corrupted data
- Fixed Broadcast towers' reduced anarchy bonus not working
- Fixed Lighthouse's bonus growth not working 
- Fixed Mother Tree's extra tile improvements not working, also reduced the bonus from +50% to +20%
- Attempt to fix trade goodies. Please PM me if you still find any bugs with them.
- Added spawn helper to have a discord link
- Fixed difficulty to always be hard instead of easy.
- Fixed globe theatre not giving the happiness 
- Fixed being able to start wonder techs while building one.
- Fixed units being unable to be trained/leveled
- Fixed The Great Pyramid giving bonuses to Mines and Pastures while it only should be Cottages
- Fixed the Labor promotion from eating into protected plots and blocks.

Thanks to mainly Falazar for pushing through these fixes!