Hello everyone!

Down below are the updates we have been putting out on the server since the reset! 

- Fixed Build command giving an error while not being in a civilization or City-State
- Made it so you cannot attack or receive damage by custom mobs while wearing no armor or not full metal armor
- Made it so you can not receive or deal any damage to mobs that are 2 tiers higher as the current armor you're wearing. So for example, you're wearing T2 Steel armor, then you cannot attack or receive damage from Brutal mobs, but you can from Elite and down.
- Fixed that custom mobs gets despawned in town and camp borders (It ticks every 10 seconds, so it might be a little bit before they actually despawn)
- Fixed critical loading error deleting civs and city-states on loading
- Fixed stable item/horse buying. It's now using an NPC.
- Fixed a message being ran when it's not suppose to run (Pickaxe spam)
- Fixed that there is too much hammers/beakers/growth being added to the town and civ (Admin rate)
- Removed the remaining camp raid time.
- Fixed not being able to tab player names while doing /res show
- Fixed Crystal and Titanium strategic goodies not working in the trommel
- Added /town info trommel to get information about your trommels
- Removed herobrine

TheyCallMePro I quite liked herobrine. Would you considering adding him back at a later patch? Love ya Benja. =D