Civ-war Recruitment

This thread will contain any open positions for joining the Civ-war team. Feel free to look through or event apply! All the information for each position will be posted in its own sub-heading. Hope to see you guys on the team!


Helper's are typically veterans of the game mode and understand the mechanics behind the game. For this position, you must have had multiple phase experience and be willing to help other players and even recruiting them to help teach them the game.

For this position, you must be active, willing to help, friendly and constructive in helping further the game mode.

This position can lead to the following; Moderator, Wiki Admin, Jr.admin and test access positions.

Apply here:

Jr. developer

Developers are much needed at Civ-war. They are the driving force in making Civ-war into a great and vast game mode. Being a developer while hard work is rewarding with becoming an exclusive part in shaping and moulding the future of a game mode while working with the community to do so. Anyone who feels they can meet the requirements for this role we invite to apply!

To fulfil this role you must have experience in Java and the SpigotAPI and some previous work or code to show us! you must be willing to work in a team and active in contributing to Civ-war. We are willing to take on various ranges of experience and will take applications on a case by case basis with a short interview. We hope to see you in this rewarding position soon!

This position can lead to roles such as a full-developer / administrator as well as a lead developer for the experienced and well-versed of you!

Apply by joining the discord and contacting either Dellis#0259 or Falazar#0822. Please PM us with your application, CV and ideally previous work and any info about yourself you think is relevant!


Builders are active members who look to be making a visual difference in the game! We are always looking for eager builders to take part in creating structures and template packs as well as being an active part in creating and designing our special events! Designing or creating template packs means you get your own template pack which you made free for life!

To apply for this position please go to

Hope to hear from you soon!

- Civ-war team