Welcome all CivWarians,
To kick off the new Summer season of phases we are having our first Speed Phase.
The Speed Phase will start on Saturday June 9th at 2pm CST (GMT+2) and Last thru the next Sunday, so two weekends worth.
Since skool is out for most folks it seemed like a good time to go FULL THROTTLE, and have a sped up phase. The times will run about 10x the normal amount, so hourly ticks will be once every 6 minutes (THATS FAST FOLKS) Daily ticks will happen every 2.5 hours or so, science, hammers, culture will be faster as well. To make up for the speed banks will also give 10x more money, so you dont get slogged down.
The only thing holding ur Civ back is YOU, so you will need to be SUPER active, and bring all of your friends online to play!
Wartimes will be Wed 7pm CST, Saturday 2pm CST, and Sunday 2pm CST
Grab your teammates in chat, bring back some old friends and allies, and beware of enemies. Good Luck Soldiers!
CivWar Team
DEV Log Upgrades:
Speed Round Updates:
Hammers build 10x faster
Science Learned 10x faster
Culture gain 10X faster
Bank pays 10x more.
Hourly tick every 6 minutes
Daily tick 10x faster.

Darkness Mode toggle per resident now. gives larger bonus to mining ores.
Lighthouse must be in beach or water areas
Reduced culture Growth chart
All biomes now give a minimum happiness and growth at least, you can possibly live anywhere.
Increase road bonus to 5%
Fix temple road bonus.
Upgrading Town now requires bread.
Killing someone drops head trophies :}
Farms get bonus wood, and structures require wood and stone to build now.
Sawmills building created.
Remove gifting towns
Update for spawn locations fixed.
Other Small bug fixes.