The i's have been Dotted, the T's have been Crossed, the Towers have been tested.

March Madness Phase is about to begin.

Saturday Saturday Saturday..... Call in sick to work, lock your door, tell your mom you are sick, plan for an ALL NIGHT marathon of getting killed by your worst enemy and preparing your civilization.

Saturday March 17th 2pm CST / 7pm GMT - CivWar Phase WILL Begin!


This phase we will be running a competition for the best looking towns and civs! To celebrate this we will be reducing the price of all template packs and store items by 50%! There will be bonus points for themed towns based on our template packs!  More will be announced soon! The winning civ will recieve a bundle of prizes!

New: Phase Kings - The founder of the winning civ each phase will enter the King's Circle. This will ONLY apply to the founder of the civ. They will gain special in-game and discord rewards, as well as exclusive to an exclusive club winners club. New rewards and prizes will be added as phases go on and all members of the club will be rewarded with them!


  • Added Temple of Artemis
  • Fixed horse strategic bugs, and water strategic build bugs.
  • Added /bug command to easily report.
  • Add visible biomes to /plot info, correct /town survey. Fix to culture level 0 to be used.
  • Fix to damage armor bug
  • Slow down trommel speed 10%
  •  Veteran / Res rank update calculations. top 40 players will be ranked, top 10 list coming soon
  • Make shipyard properly required to be in a ocean biome
  •  Allow tracking of daily income for every Civ and logging that for balancing. '/town info rates' will show this value reset at daily upkeep.
  • Remove mines from advanced effenciency, too powerful

 Biome updates for base stats. Big changes... the world is not as you used to know it.. Gluck :} More info on Day 1.

  •  Fix Gov change bug.
  •  Rebalance Govs See wiki
  •  Fix to towers, working now
  • Start increasing Settlers cost up, so happiness is not only limiter.

 Update for Civics March phase balance - Lots

Aquaculture is now: Your farm growth 20% faster while on or within 1 of a river chunk.

Citizenship: Lowered to Stores, Groceries and Libraries offer their deal for 50% less.

Irrigation: raised to Double farm yield but reduce growth rate by 40%.

Scholars in Residence: lowered Technology from previous era cost 20% less beakers.

Hydration: increased Your farm grows 35% faster during rain and storm.

Cheap Labor: decreased: Your trommels, bakeries and windmills process 30% more items.

NEW Underwater Drilling: Increase all deep ocean chunks hammer output by 1.5

NEW Deep Sea Fishing: Increase all deep ocean chunks happiness by 0.03 and growth by 0.5.

Stats Swap disabled, as it did not work.

Architecture: is now a level 7 civic

  •  Refactor mines, lower hammers alot - Hammers are dropped in general, alot of changes in this one, Mines will have a max limit of 15, to nerf them being the most important building in the world, their feed amounts will increase though.

Mines now give unhappiness at a small rate of 0.5 each... cuz really.. who likes working in a dark, smelly, dank, dangerous mine. You?

Mines will now start at 100 as well, as they were really just crazy out of balance. Cap hammer and beaker policy both were lowered.

Happiness will start to become more important now, think it through in planning. Gone are the days of everyone being ecstatic for free. You can HAVE high happiness, but you have to work for it, and it may cost you a building or a civic to get there, the overall

average will be lower though.

  •  Buff Bakeries double to 20% per level - Bakeries found yeast, they can now bake bread betterer, and tastier.
  •  Increase Wonders cost significantly more hammers, to 5-14 days on average. Wonders are wonders, they are not "easiers" This reflects a challenge to a civ, so no more wonders done in one days time, work for it. This will give other civs a chance

to grab a wonder as well. Beaker cost has increased alot as well, to represent a beaker race first.

  •  Update Ruins loot to allow for scaling by tech tier era. Ruins will produce more and better loot, and be in a limited area near Spawn... You WILL have to fight for the loot though, as others can get there quickly.

 Rebalance Camp reqs. Camp reqs aint what they used to be :} They will be harder, and more varied, but will have a catch-up mechanism for non competitive civs, after each civ is established, the costs will come down slightly. If you want to be in the top group, you have to work for it.

  • Road Bonus: Add in full roads system, with bonuses to structures around them.

If you place a road on front of a building in your city it will receive a bonus to its benefits.

The road must be in front of the center of the building to get the effect, roughly even with the door level.

The bonuses will show up in many of the town stats commands as well.

  • ] Fix to helper temp mute, and added a wiki command.

/wiki mine and /wiki will give you instructions.

  •  Update Mobs, reenable Slimes. Mobs may be growing more intelligent, and dangerous as they figure out the human ways.
  •  Update market, fix sort, add actual availability of resource. Next step in encouraging w world economy is the World Market. Gone are the days of plenty and cheap, the market now will better reflect real world supply and demand of items. If an item runs out, it is OUT until restocked. Smart Civs may be able to watch market conditions and plan to sell off certain items that are in heavy demand. This will also affect things like Bread and Mutton. When an item is out stock in the market, the buy price will rise over time, and may provide you with a good profit.
  •  Begin farm improvements, seeds, melons, cane, and trees, restricted growing areas.

Seeds can only be planted and areas plowed now in farms and gardens, it gives helpful messages to newer players. Melons may only be grown in those plots also. Cane is restricted to growing in River and Frozen River Biomes only. This is the beginning of making some things a little more rare to get or harvest, and developing a world economy inside minecraft. Trees will also be restricted to farm plots, and will not grow outside those areas. This may mean extra planning or purchases for Civs in desert or barren regions.

Aside from the changelog, we are working on fully updating the Wiki. We are making the extra effort to ensure the Wiki is always fully updated with all new updated!


New Role: Jr.admin -

Jr.admin's will have basic debugging civ commands and will be able to assist players in day to day issues, with bigger issues such as refunds and such will be done by full admins. Jr.admin's will not have access to any OP commands such as game mode, tp, spawning items etc. All civ commands are FULLY logged to the whole admin team so ANY abuse of these commands are instantly picked up and will notify the management team. Jr.admins will be allowed to play because of this. They are here to assist you and fix issues sooner. 

New updated staff list:

Name Task Rank
Velencious/Dellis Veto Power Owner
BenjaminGoGurts Managment Head Admin
Falazar Lead Dev Jr. Admin
Pepsi Dev Team Jr. Admin
YourCoal Bug-Hunter Jr.Admin
Yellowcar2012 Recruitment Moderator
Robertkruijt Communications Moderator
xFormz Jr. Developer Helper
Deathdefies Support team Helper
1structor Support team Helper
ItzMeErnesto Support team Helper
Dreadmore Dev team Developer
Magicwarriors Dev Team Jr. Dev
Bananapuncher Dev Team Jr. Dev
Diferent Builders team Lead Builder
SirHatless Builders team Builder
StefanTheLegend Builders team Builder

Want to join the team?

Check out our openings here:

As a quick footnote, we have been hearing concerns about the consistency of rules & punishments. All rules & punishments will be fully enforced and consistent this coming phase. We will now be fully analysing phase logs to ensure players are fully punished for any abuse or bug exploitation. Take this as a warning there will be no second chances and we are certain we will catch you.

- Civ-war Team.